"Not everybody is perfect, and I don't think we should be looking for perfect people" -Simon Cowell-

Hello, greeting from Shanghai!! 

Let's just lift a simple pray and express our thanksgiving to God that we are now in the end of the year 2011, which means that we are also soon going to be in the new year of 2012.

Ok, to the point saja, I've just made an account in instagram, the photography application in Iphone that allows people to stop the time and capture the moment with their phone and upload it to the community. They can be facebook, twitter, flickr, tumblr, posterus, foursquare, etc..(unfortunately I didn't see Blogger on it :| ) 

So, I think I just want to share the freezing time I captured with my phone..ummm, well, an amateur work for someone who just gets his new toy.. =P 


my first capture was eventually my own Fossil.. It's 2.20am.. Geezz... 

The road in front of my apartment, Dingxi Road, Thursday, Dec 1st, 11:40am

Hmm, not bad at all I think, for such a simple application to create this kind of effect..  Ok, let's see what I will capture and share to you all!! 

nb: hey, it's getting cold (again) here! Keep warm, keep healthy! See you in the next post! (",)
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