Well I'm trying to be more artistic this time by taking some picture using my phone camera.. Some said it's to be called Iphoneography.. There are a lot of good pic in instagram, taken by good cam apps and edited by good apps too... and I just want to share some...

Jing'An Temple, 20:30 

Christmas is in the corner!! -Bread House, Westin Hotel,Shanghai-

Big Lens app + PicFrame app + Typoinsta recommended by @nicogunnar

Wiyang @ThePowerofLove SIF Christmas celebration

That's part of the pic I took and I could share for now...  yeah, Christmas is in the corner guys! and finally after3years, I'll be home for Christmas!! Looking forward for it!=) 

ps.I hope the Christmas Fest at Bali Bistro will run well without me being here... 

Greeting from Shanghai!!

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