wet and hot
Another hot raining day in Shanghai! Got to wake up at 4, prepare for Bank Mandiri catering in Pudong... then left from Bali Bistro at 6, yes, it was raining hardly this morning, yet it was hot.. Vitti texted me that today 'you wet you re' [ 又湿又热] and I just agreed... since me and my staff needed to bring all the catering stuff to 12th floor, it was even hotter... =.= 

We finished the catering around 3 anyway, thanks to the security staff who didn't allow us to go since we don't have the leaving authority paper which need to be issued by Bank Mandiri.. Their staff all went to have lunch, due to the soft opening of Bank Mandiri Shanghai Branch.. 

Anyway, I'm home already.. the sky outside is still grey, with the chance of raining and the hot temperature here.. It's Shanghai anyway, what do you expect man?

2 Responses
  1. Ra-kun Says:

    me too having a wet and hot day. it's hot in room. when i turn the AC on, i become sleepy. Hahaha.. and when i wake up, it's raining out side. doh! Hahaha.

    hoep your doing fine with that kind of weather :)

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    @Ra-kun : halo Bung! =) haha, seems we've got in a similar situation, eh? Have a nice day there... Greeting from Shanghai!!