if it happens, it happens.... -Taneda

So, I just sit here having a cup of hot ginger tea while browsing the good movie to watch until Dela from Kaskus posted her last, that was Solanin... Brought to the movie version from the manga version, took me a while to search and to download it, which was success by the end of the evening..

Don't want to rush, I read the manga first.. The story of Meiko and Taneda, a couple who tried their best to make life goes on and everything is ok, soon to be broke up after Taneda's band #1 cover getting rejected in the record company..Left them in a conclusion that the band's over...and finally when Meiko heard what's the song is all about... it was a farewell song...

Good Bye, I don't care - You'll make it somewhere
I can manage on my own - And it's what I'm gonna do

I haven't finished reading the manga, but I would be sure that this quite an interesting manga and movie..

Interesting in the movie? here is the link for the trailer and the manga

Happy reading and watching!!

-Big or small, fireworks are still pretty-
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