Amazing Life -Cafe-
Greeting from Shanghai!! IT IS getting cold here now.. but anyway, I just happened to be in a cafe called LIFE CAFE some times ago, and my first impression was.. WOW! It's so home made cafe which makes you feel at home.. all the menu there is handmade, the dessert also, and the coffee, you can find a lot of traditional coffee.. even the kupu kupu bali coffee also was on my sight too...^^

On the second floor, there are two rooms, one is for the wine cellar and library, the other is like mini home cinema where you can watch your favorite movie with its home theater, for free! all you need is just buy some cheese cake or hot chocolate while enjoying your movie..=D

The location itself is hidden in Julu Road, it doesn't look like cafe since it's merged with so like old house..but yes, it's a secret little wonderland.. It's amazed me..and what amazed me more is that this cafe is run by only 2 person.. the wife and her husband.. haha..makes me want to run another kind of this...

I put some of the picture, using slide application, you can check it [here]


picture was edited by Jessice Xie, thanks for bringing me there!^^

4 Responses
  1. it seems to be a nice place :)

  2. penghuni60 Says:

    wah, saya bnr2 menikmati tampilan slidenya!

  3. Wow! I like it!
    When you run a cafe, tell me so I'll come and enjoy! Hahahaa

  4. -oKKy- Says:

    @Ra-Kun: it is a nice place!^^
    @penghuni60: thanks man!
    @shella: haha..of couRse...