katanya nomaden
Greeting from Shanghai. OK..I've been living here in Shanghai for like 9months and during those 9months, I have moved house 3times! haha..quite interesting and it means I move house every 3months in average. Hmm, let see.. my first house was in Yan Ping Road-Wu Ding Road.. then I moved to Huashan Road-Yan An Road to live together with Jojo.. After about 1 or 2 months, I moved again to Tong Chuan Road- Lan Gao Road, where I lived only in a small room, yet big enough for me.... Just yesterday, I moved house to Yan Ping Road-Xinzha Road... Quite nomade life I had here in Shanghai eh?
Hmm..anyway, this week it's quite busy week for Bali Bistro..The new menus are going like blasting since we will have another promotion for Indonesian Independence Day this 17th of August..
The bad news is... Naga Bonar goes back to HP service centre..Hm, maybe it's time for me to have another notebook...
ah, I've got not so interesting stuff to tell at the moment I guess... but I read a sentence in my Learning Chinese Book says 'When you are in Roma, do it like Romans'
so..yeah.. God Bless You.. -random-
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