new BatiK head geaR BuFF..
hohoho..coming bacK afteR 8days oF 2009!^^ So, i bought new head gear for myself...the unique thing is that this headgear has BATIK pattern on it... It also has many variation ways to be used... I bought this BUFF in Utrecht for 25Euro!! Geez! Can't imagine it..hahaha... i was wondering between buying or not until i found the batik more thinking then paying it on the cashier...hahaha... anyway, this headgear is more than enough to be put on the head for warming mine... This picture is one of the example how to wear it on ur head...

can't ask more for this special BUFF...hahaha... foR anton, maybe you can try to make this headgear with some gatotkaca or hanoman picture on is pretty unique anyway...^^
Now i think i'm suffering some cold...geez, i've been in the toilet for 3times today,wondering what happens with my stomach here....or maybe the weather is just too cold out there? T___T

nb:i haven't got time to continue the german holiday..being busy with the thesis as well..
2 Responses
  1. CC Says:

    Hhaaha mahal juga ya batik da sono Ky... Aniwei nice headgear.. keik rock n ROll but versi gatotkaca.. huahhaa.. kstaria pringgodani la'an..

  2. -oKKy- Says:

    tapi itu batiknya made in sPain cen..jadi munkin itu yg buat maHaL..kaLo made in china,10euro kali..wkkwkw..^^