#1 Principle
Greeting from Shanghai! -which had just experienced snow for an hour today-

Recently, I was very busy with Bali Bistro and found that I had a little time to share my life a bit, so I just share it..=) Up until now, I'm reading a good book by Jack Canfield, titled The Success Principles.. It's been fascinating from the first chapter that I learned quickly afterwards.. It is a formula, the very basic one.. I remember Bill Gates once quote this "If you were born poor, that is not your mistake. But if you die poor, that is". The formula which I learned more about, is this equation : 

Event + Response = Outcome 
E + R = O 
The basic idea is that, everything happens in your life, happiness, sadness, success, failure, or whatever, is the result of how you response to your previous things in your life. This is quite a good guidance for me, in order to survive in my workplace now. There are a lot of factor that put me in frustration, pressure, and whatsoever, but I think I will just change the way I respond it, change the way of think, change how I communicate, to bring the outcome I'd like to have. 

Anyway, I'm now preparing for the next Valentine Promo here, so I hope everything turns out well. Shanghai is cold, as always during the winter time..but Europe is much colder than here..Wishing they could survive the cold there.. 

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