a letter
Helo my friend!

I have received your greeting card! Thanks for it! I wonder how you know my exact address here.. haha..did I tell you? or maybe you searched it on the internet...There are a lot of things I wished to tell and a lot of things I want to share..but I think I'll just keep it for now..or maybe I can share it here? ahaha, But it will be too long though..

Shanghai is so cold now and this week will hit 3below 0. But I think it's not as cold as there.. Good to see snow ya, where all are just plain white stuff and so..haha.. How is your study? Keep fighting, you are smart and I believe you are doing your best now...and even you are in some difficulties, you just now who to rely on.. Remember? When God put you into it, He will put you through it?^^ yeah, it would be nice if we can have a chit-chatting or even a conversation..

Anyway, thanks for your wishes.. Being light and salt wherever I'm placed eh? then I believe you will also be those one.. You were ever since, you are, and you will be always toward everybody surrounds you..

Have a great life there, my friend! Until we meet again...(",)
God Bless you abundantly!

Your friend,
Okky Hidayat

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